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Collegen Bed - Red Light Therapy

Red Light Therapy - How It Works

Red Light Therapy is a new type of sunbed technology that uses Infrared Light to stimulate skin and tissue regeneration.

Infrared light is an invisible part of the light spectrum including natural sunlight. Infrared therapy provides a lot of the benefits that sunlight provides us but without any of the harmful effects of solar radiation. The infrared heat can travel two or three inches into the skin and helps to increase blood flow and circulation plus nourishes and aids the regeneration of damaged tissues.

The technology which has been used by NASA to research plant growth in space and by the Mayo Clinic, the US Military and others in research into various health and healing benefits is even used to treat cancer patients and bone marrow recipients.

To see how using a Red Light Therapy bed in your own home may help you see our Uses for Red Light Therapy page.

We use the latest in high wattage infrared bulb technology in our beds but this technology has been used by NASA and others for a long time. If you would like to see more, take a look at our YouTube Videos page.